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class Solution:
def computeArea(
ax1: int,
ay1: int,
ax2: int,
ay2: int,
bx1: int,
by1: int,
bx2: int,
by2: int,
) -> int:
(ax1, ax2), (ay1, ay2), (bx1, bx2), (by1, by2) = map(
((ax1, ax2), (ay1, ay2), (bx1, bx2), (by1, by2)),
return sum(
(ax2 - ax1) * (ay2 - ay1),
(bx2 - bx1) * (by2 - by1),
max(0, min(ax2, bx2) - max(ax1, bx1))
* max(0, min(ay2, by2) - max(ay1, by1))